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Don't Be Fooled By Greg Robinson's Winning Good Looks

The Daily Orange is slowly but surely turning into the go-to media source for disappointed football recruits reneging on their verbal commitments to play for SU. Today they break the news that two-star WR Leavander Jones is rethinking his strategy now that it looks like Greg Robinson isn't going to be the head coach much longer. Which begs the question...what is Leavander Jones thinking???
"Not knowing who is coming in after him if he is to go, that changes my mind," Jones said. "They would still be at the top of my list, but I would probably start looking elsewhere a little more."
That's fine if the issue is just stability in general. But it quickly becomes apparent that it's actually more of an issue of Greg Robinson's status specifically. As in, this is the master technician of the gridiron I will follow into Hell.
"He looks like the kind of guy who is a winner, even though he might be struggling right now, I know he is a winner," Weiss said. "That is tremendous as a coach because that is showing that you have a lot of confidence, your self esteem is high, and you are working to get better."
"He looks like the kind of guy who is a winner." I remember thinking that myself four years ago. Oh, how time flies.

Leavander is also considering Buffalo (ack!), Wisconsin and Georgia Tech according to ESPN. All kidding aside, whether he ends up here or somewhere else, having the opportunity to play D-1 football is not one Jones is taking lightly. And it's one he's very appreciative of...
"Not a lot of people from my area go to big time D-I schools out of public high school," Jones said. "Coming in I knew I could play college football, but I didn't know a school such as Syracuse would be interested in me, let alone give me a full ride to play for them."
Stick with us, Leavander. The next guy is gonna look like a winner, too. I promise.

(Photo: Press of Atlantic City)