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Akron? Seriously You Guys...Akron?

Orange44 has The Crying Child? I have the Crying Awkward Teen.

We're going 1-11 this season and there's nothing you or I can do to stop it. We should probably just accept it and move on. Did they announce when we play Binghamton on our basketball schedule yet? I so look forward to hearing...

Congrats to the Zips on
beating BCS Team. Treasure it always. We hope to become a legitimate BCS team again soon to make this win seem more worthwhile for you.

The Cam Dantley move?'s tough to say if it was worthwhile or if Dantley just did what Robinson would have done anyway.

Two touchdowns for Mike Owens and another for Nick Provo. Thank God Lavar Lodbell, Marcus Sales and Bruce Willams aren't still alive to see this...

The two-headed monster of Curtis Brinkley and Delone Carter seems to be working just fine, so there's something. Averin Collier, if there's still a chance to redshirt I suggest you take it. Doug Hogue, make yourself comfortable.

Well there's at least one thing we can get excited about. Announced attendance was 31,808 (actual attendance looked closer to mid to low 20K) which makes ALEX O. the winner of our $20 Panera Gift Card with a guess of 31,728. Enjoy the bread.

As for Syracuse football, no bread for you. Greg Robinson, you are officially 0-2, almost certainly about to be 0-3 and CONGRATULATIONS, you have now turned the game against 1-AA Northeastern into a MUST WIN game.
Every time I think it's impossible for this program to sink any lower, they pull it off. Bravo.

Thank God there isn't a highly-publicized event next week shining a light directly onto Syracuse football and how great it used to be and how horrible it is now followed by a nationally-televised game against a ranked team that will be favored by 30. That would be awkward.

Oh, and apparently the Big East probably should have listened to East Carolina for all these years about joining us. They're
about to beat our best team. Skip Holtz, look around the Carrier Dome when you get a chance, let us know if you see anything you'll want to change before we hire you in five months.

(Seriously, we're heading for another horrible day for the Big East. All that hard work to make ourselves semi-respectable the last three years is flying out the window...)