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Akron Looking Forward To Beating BCS TEAM This Weekend

This weekend might mean a lot to you, Syracuse fan, but for the Akron Zips it means a whole helluva lot more to them. Because you see, when they look at us, they don't see Syracuse. They don't see 7-29 overall or 2-19 in the Big East since 2005. They don't even see 0-1 and the lack of a passing game so transparent that there might as well not be actual wide receivers on the field of play.

all they see is "BCS TEAM." And they're thinking win.
''This week is our week to show we can really play. We have to step it up a notch,'' said Zips defensive captain Doug Williams, a senior linebacker. ''We have to work hard, practice hard, give it all we got and show we are a team that can win a BCS game.''

''This is a very capable BCS win for us,'' said Zips offensive captain Merce Poindexter, a senior tight end.
We are officially the BCS Team That Shall Not Be Named.

Yes, Zips, technically we are a BCS Team and I guess if you beat us that'll be something to put on your resume. But
as EDSBS puts it, "They’re unaware of the clause excising Syracuse from formal consideration as a "BCS victory" this season, but please don’t tell them that."

Why stop here. Still two weeks away, Northeastern is already eagerly anticipating their win over "Football Bowl Subdivision Team."

By the way, is that guy's name Merce Poindexter? Really?