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Afternoon Delight

No real theme to this post other than there's moving and shaking afoot based on the pubic notice that DOCTOR Gross put on Greg Robinson this morning.

Greggers had a chance to respond to Daryl Gross' comments and here's what he had to say:

"That’s Daryl’s business," Robinson said. "I’m not an athletic director. I don’t think it’s my place to comment at all. Anything that he thinks is necessary for our program, that’s his choice. Daryl’s a friend and he’s been very supportive of me.

"He’s the athletic director. He’s my boss, he can say whatever he wants. And quite frankly, there hasn’t been the progress yet that there needs to be. I’m the first to say it. I’ve said it since day one."

Wait a minute, you've been saying there needs to be progress since Day One? What is it now, Day 1,097? And you're still saying the same exact thing? AND YOU CAN'T SEE THE HORRIBLE, UNDENIABLE TRUTH IN WHAT THAT MEANS?

What's left for the rest of us to do, other than try to figure out who to blame, write open letters to DOCTOR Gross and wait for the inevitable sweet release of Greg Robinson's tenure.

Could always be worse, I suppose. I mean, our players could be punching each other. And perhaps its best to appreciate what we do have. A football victory. And there's no one better to remind of us of the joy that brings than Kenny Haas. As Kenny puts it, "we're finally out of the handicapped zone." Amen.

Oh, you could probably go watch a bunch of clips from The Express too to make yourself feel better. They show a relevant Syracuse football program loaded with talent and coaching. Ah, nostalgia...