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2008 Greg Robinson And 2005 Greg Robinson Need To Coordinate

Greg, when you tell people that you didn't really understand where the program was when you took over, make sure you didn't actually say the exact opposite thing when you originally took the job:
"I know they were in a bowl game. I know they had a winning season...I think sometimes you can come into a program that is just in shambles and it's got a lot of work ahead of it, a ton of work ahead of it. Or sometimes, you can follow a legend and you've got no chance. But, I think that this is a program that is very stable. There's obviously good football players here and I think the profile has been in place here for a long time, so I'm just looking forward to enthusiastically, with a lot of energy, hit the streets running and get it going again."

That was Greg in 2005 at
his introductory press conference. Big H/T to Donnie Webb and the good people of the Syracuse Scout Forum for digging that up. So let's see, that either makes Greg a liar or a horrible judge of what a good football program should look like...which is it? Or is it both?

By the way, it's 1:00pm EST, still plenty of time to guess who Greg will throw under the bus today. I say Mitch Browning, who Greg expected more from by this point.