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Your Starting RB? TBD

In his FanFest wrap, Donnie Webb took note of the fact that Doug Hogue played with the first-team during the scrimmage. Was it a tip of the hat that Hogue had beat out Delone Carter and Curtis "Are We Still Calling Him Boonah?" Brinkley? Not so fast, says Greggers.
Head coach Greg Robinson offered no clues following practice Monday morning which way he's leaning. He called it a good problem to have, though making the decision might require a handoff of different sorts.

"I think I'm going to stay out of that room when those decisions are made," he said. "It's going to be hard to really figure out how to get it all done, especially the three veteran players. They've made their presence felt throughout camp. It's a good position to be in, really."
Oh Greg, if I didn't know you were being facetious that would have been a surefire Gregism. Especially considering that very well may be how decisions are made over there these days.

Honestly, even if they had made a decision at this point I wouldn't expect them to announce it. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't know until the first snap who the "first-stringer" is. And even then that might not mean anything by the time the game is over. My guess is that we'll see the rotating backfield all season long or at least until someone steps up and overtakes the others...and maybe that's not a bad thing.