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You'd Think There Was Something Important Going On This Weekend

Busy week here at the 'NIAAM. With the game coming up this Saturday, I'm going to be a whirling dervish of Cusian knowledge, thrown about the blogosphere and radiosphere and whatever other spheres shall have me. Just a quick peek into the schedule so you can plan your days accordingly...


Over at
In The Bleachers, they're doing a College Football Mega-Predicto Bonanza Podcast* and I'll be joining in briefly to share my uneducated opinions on college football at-large. Join host Brian Sakowski, myself, bloggers representing Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri and our "friend" John over at the West Virginia blog Mountainlair at 9:00pm EST. You can listen live or just wait until Thursday for the recording.

Now that I look at the list of those schools being represented and their Top 25 programs, how the hell did I get invited again?

*Probably not actual name

Children, harken to my voice! You'll have no choice if you listen to
Brent Axe's On The Block radio program on ESPN 1260 in Syracuse. I'll be stopping by around 3:30 PM EST to talk guacamole recipes, my review of Lisa Scottoline's latest legal thriller ("a real hoot!") and possibly a little SU football jibber-jabber if there's time. If you're not in the Syracuse area or not in your car, you can listen live on your computer. I'll be checking...

I'll also be starting up the weekly How Fucked Are We rundown of our upcoming schedule where we take a look at upcoming opponents and what they're doing in an attempt to determine just how painfully fucked we are once we actually play them. Fun.


Hell if I know...


When you're waking up on the West Coast at 9am to watch an ESPN2 game commentated by Pam Ward involving two unranked teams, there's really only one thing you CAN do to make the time pass...LIVEBLOG! I'll be here, typing the events that you're watching onto a website in an attempt to reach out to any live person out there who might be feeling the same pain I will be. We're gonna do it special-like through a program called Cover It Live. It allows you to chime in and be a part of the conversation and other interactive shit. So if you get tired of reading "Wah, Northwestern scored again. Wah," you can tell me right then and there to shove things in various places on my person. Yay Internets!