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  • Brian H. chats with Northwestern blog Lake The Posts...Orange44
  • Syracuse is mentioned in 2 of this Top 25 things Brian Bennett is excited about in the Big East. Neither of them have to do with our actual team...ESPN
  • "Only 11 more to go." Something you might hear Orange fans saying this week...On The Mark
  • You can thank Donovin Darius for helping get us free safety Randy McKinnon...Donnie Webb
  • Oddly enough, the SU O-line is tired of talking about last season...Daily Orange
  • Get to know SU kicker Patrick Shadle...what's left of
  • Maybe low expectations for SU football is a good thing...Daily Orange
  • Northwestern-slated preview of Syracuse...WNUR
  • Ben Mauk's eligibility denied for the 824th time...ESPN
Northwestern football gets its own commercial? Where's our commercial? We WILL do stuff too!