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When In Doubt, Schedule Temple

Back in my day, when the chips were down and the breaks were beating the boys, we always knew we could go out there and put up 40 on Temple and everything would be alright. And from 1986 to 2001, that's what we did. A funny thing happened on the way to mediocrity...we started losing to the Owls, doing so in two of our final three games against them, including one particularly nasty loss. And just like Keyser Söze, they were gone.

Now, like Batman, when Syracuse needs them most, it seems as though they are returning. So says
The Temple football team will be renewing its series with former Big East rival Syracuse in the near future, according to the 2008 Temple Football Media Guide.
I don't pay for that stuff so that's all the access I have. Anyone care to elaborate?

So many questions come to mind. Is this to ensure we always have a semi-beatable Division 1-A on the schedule for Homecoming? How soon can we start? And are we still a better program than them?

Update: Among the current accomplishments of the program, The Temple Media Guide (PDF) says "Established a regional non-conference schedule vs Villanova, PSU, Army, UConn, Navy, Syracuse & Maryland." It's unclear how concrete that is. It also says "Organized largest bone marrow donor drive by a collegiate team in the nation, registering 630 potential donors" so choke on that, Cuse fans.