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Whatever You're Doing Saturday Night, Cancel It

This Saturday at 8pm EST, stop making out with your high school girlfriend for a few moments and tune in to WAER 88.3 FM on your radio dial. It's SportsNight and they're going to be examining the coverage of sports with an emphasis on "mainstream" media vs blogs. In the past they've had some pretty bigtime guests including Bob Costas, Jim Brown, Floyd Little, Ian Eagle, Sean McDonough, Jayson Stark, and Mike Tirico. Unfortunately for them, this time they're stuck with me instead.

Hosts Danny Parkins and Sal Maneen will be talking to a few other folks as well so it should be a fun show to hear what people from all different sides of the "media" think of The Great Journo-Blogger War of 2008. Tune-in on your radio if you're local or you can also listen live from your computer.

FYI, the interview was pre-taped, so in case you were hoping to use this opportunity to call up and call me an asshat, sorry, you'll just have to wait...