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Well At Least Someone Is Enjoying Packers' Camp

Between Ryan Grant's holdout and Brett Favre doing Brett Favre things, it might be tough to remember that they actually ARE holding Packers' training camp right now. SU's Taj Smith, who could be soaking it up in Orange as our #1 receiver right now (arg!!!), is battling for a spot with Green Bay among six other receivers. It won't be easy but if Taj keeps having days like yesterday he may just get it:
In a team (11-on-11) drill, Aaron Rodgers threw deep down the sideline to non-drafted rookie receiver Taj Smith, with the help of Jason Spitz picking up a blitzing linebacker, Brandon Chillar. As the ball came down, Smith managed to get away from Bush in coverage and make a diving catch for a big gain.

A little later in a 7-on-7 drill, Smith made another nice catch on a deep ball from Rodgers, this time beating cornerback Joe Porter and even knocking down the official just after making the grab.
Amazing catches AND wanton disregard for referee safety? All in a days work.

Green Bay Press Gazette has been noticing Taj's recent solid play as well:
Rookie receiver Taj Smith has made some strides since struggling during minicamp and OTAs. During team periods, he caught three passes from Rodgers, including a tough one while sliding during a blitz drill.
Go Taj Go!

(HT: Doug C.)