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Welcome Back Everyone. Now Start Hitting Something.

It was a reunion of sorts yesterday at practice. Quite a few players returned the field after recovering from various injuries.

No one's return seemed to be more welcome than Mike Mele's. The sophomore outside linebacker, who is expected to start, has been sorely missed on the field so far. He was sidelined with turf toe since July but everything seems to have healed and Mele is ready to start causing some melees (sorry).
"It was fun," Mele said. "It was real frustrating standing on the sidelines. I was just anxious to get out there. Today, I was finally out there with my teammates. I feel great. It's the best I've felt, probably, in a couple of years."
Joining Mele back on the field were fellow outside linebacker Chad Battles, who is competing with Mele for the same spot. Sophomore defensive tackle Bud Tribbey also returned to the field after recovering from a concussion. Hopefully it hasn't affected Tribbey's comedic timing.