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We Won't Rest Until We've Scheduled Every National Champion From The 1930's

Back in June the rumors started swirling about the possibility of a 10-game Syracuse-Notre Dame series, with Syracuse's five "home" games being played at the revamped stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. It made can't get much high profile than Notre Dame, it puts Syracuse squarely in the sights of New York City and it sticks it to Rutgers, who decided not to pursue such an agreement with the Irish.

Yesterday Donnie Webb alluded to the idea that it's more than just rumor. Today he let's loose the
motherload of info and conjecture. Some specifics:
The five designated "home" games for Syracuse against Notre Dame that will be moved to the Meadowlands/Giants Stadium will only be slotted in years the Orange has at least six other home games lined up at the Carrier Dome.
So the Orange won't actually lose a home game. Well that's a sigh of relief for Orange fans. I guess that makes this a "home and neutral" series.
Who gets 10-year deals to play Notre Dame? The prospect of playing the Irish is too good to pass. A game with Notre Dame means it'll be an event, whether it's on NBC or in the largest media market in the world. There's a prestige factor that helps recruiting and marketing. The game has cachet. Why not?
The fact that this won't cost Orange fans a real home game changes the equation and certainly makes the deal that much sweeter. It's still involves some kowtowing on SU's part. You mean we can't get Notre Dame to come up to Syracuse at least once? Just once??? Can we play one of the Notre Dame home games in Chicago? Is that too much to ask? I've been to South Bend, it's lovely...for a day.
The current series ends this season with Syracuse's trip to South Bend Nov. 22. The new series could start in 2010, 2011 or 2012. One potential issue is that Syracuse may be thinking about moving another team off the schedule to accommodate adding Notre Dame. One candidate might be Virginia Tech. Another one is Georgia Tech...Something tells me the series with the Yellow Jackets won't happen.
As far as I can tell we have room on every future schedule so I'm not quite sure what the problem is, unless the issue stems from seasons when we only have three Big East home games. Truth is, this "rivalry" is already a little stale and we haven't even started this new series yet. I'd hate to lose an actual rival like Virginia Tech or a fresh opponent like Georgia Tech to play the Irish every year.
...using 2011 as a jumping off point, the schedule is way too ambitious. The Orange has non-conference games at Southern Cal, at Boston College, at Virginia Tech and a home game against Wake Forest. Throw in Notre Dame and something's got to give.
Seriously, we're gonna be begging for Northeastern in a few years.
Syracuse is actively talking with Army about a series. In a perfect world, the Orange would love to have Army, Boston College and Notre Dame as non-conference opponents every year. The school schedulers seem to be working in that direction. The Eagles return to the schedule in 2010 as part of an eight-game series.
I'll expand that and say between Army, BC, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and Penn State, we should be playing three of those teams every year.