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Universal Pictures Hates The Syracuse Football Team

College Football Teams That Have Been Afforded A Free Screening Of The Express Before Their First Game: Kansas, Virginia Tech, Maryland

# of Games Ernie Davis Played For Kansas, Virginia Tech and Maryland: Zero

Teams That Ernie Davis Actually Played For Who Get The Chance To See The Film Before Their First Game: Zero

That's right, you can add Maryland to the list of football teams who were deemed worthy of seeing The Express before the start of the season as either a fun break from practice and/or a motivational tool.
Friedgen was contacted by some movie industry folks offering to show a sneak preview of "The Express," the story of former Syracuse running back Ernie Davis, to Maryland's entire team. Ralph wanted to get it on-campus at the Hoff Theater, but happily settled for a trip over to Bulletway Beltway Plaza.
Sounds lovely.

Just in case Northwestern or Akron get to see The Express in the next two weeks, I'm issuing one giant SPOILER ALERT on both games. That's all we need...Wildcat lineman shouting out third act plot twists to throw off the snap count.