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Tyrell Sutton Is A Captain, Whether You Like It Or Not

There's quite a few Northwestern players who have popped up on our Crap, How We Gonna Stop That Guy Radar (or CHWGSTGR for short). There's improving quarterback C.J. Bacher, receiver Peterman, linebacker Prince Kwateng and safety Brendan Smith.

Oh, and then there's starting halfback Tyrell Sutton. Sutton is most likely the biggest threat to the Orange on Saturday but there's one quality he doesn't share with the aforementioned players. See, they were all voted to be captains and Sutton wasn't.

But Sutton knows something they don't. He's already a captain. He was previously anointed one. By himself:

''It was disappointing, but at the same time, it has no bearing on my role on the team'...

I'm not bitter about it or anything; that's just who the team chose. I'm still a captain in my own right. I feel like everyone on the team is a leader and is a captain at any given point. Everyone on the team has a voice, and just because you're not a captain doesn't mean you don't have a voice. I got a voice on the inside.''

You can take away Tyrell Sutton's C patch but you can never take away his inside voice.

While we're discussing the Wildcats, I also enjoyed this quote from NU head coach Pat Fitzgerald regarding the rampant speculation that Northwestern could start the season 9-0:
''[I wish] some of our fans would get off of the Internet and get real jobs.
He must be a hit at parties.

And the cherry on top of all the preparation for the game? The realization by Northwestern folks that the SU football team will be playing without one distinct emotional edge:
Northwestern ducks a psychological Scud when the Orange comes calling at Ryan Field: The Syracuse team will not screen the upcoming biopic ''The Express,'' about tragi-starred Syracuse football legend Ernie Davis, until it is back home next week. So there will be no cinematic orange fire in the visitors' eyes Saturday.
Can't say enough about the bang-up decision that was, Daryl.