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Usually I start my day by heading over to to see what the latest news is and what Webb, Waters, Rahme, Poliquin, Axe and Ditota are up to, cause I'm nice that like. I started bookmarking some articles to check back to later and then it dawned on me that the site's Cuse-related article influx had gone directly to ludicrous speed. It's the 2008 Syracuse Football Preview and you've got a lot of reading to do so get to it.

Dave Rahme asks
why can't we be the next UConn??? God that sound horrible...

Bud Poliquin breaks down
the 10 reasons to watch the Orange this season, including:
The Greg Robinson Watch.The sporting gods may be channeling Dean Vernon Wormer, who famously advised Kent Dorfman that "fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." This, because those spirits seem to be telling Greg Robinson that "well-groomed, gently natured and poetic is no way to win football games, Coach." Beginning his fourth season with the Orange at 7-28, the man bodes to be a rubbernecker's delight. By Columbus Day, some folks will have taken to studying even the part in his hair.
See now if I was going to pull a Dean Wormer quote to tie into Greg Robinson, it would be this.

And who wants to wait until Columbus Day to talk about Greg's manly hairpart? It's the best thing he's got going for him right now. I want to know who his stylist is...

Andrew Robinson knows that
the only thing that matters and the end of the day is W's. And Greg Robinson knows Andrew is the man for the job:
"His job is to make others look better, in every way. That means when he's throwing the ball that he's getting it out there to those guys and letting them do it."
Thank you for that, Greg. Very informative.

And so, we've been hearing a lot from the Post-Standard Trio (Rahme, Webb & Poliquin) about keeping an open mind regarding the new season and staying positive as fans and as parts of the community. Naturally, you would assume when they make
their picks for how the season will turn out, we'll see that positivity in action:

Dave Rahme (DR): 3-9

Donnie Webb (DW): 3-9

Bud Poliquin (BP): 4-8

Yeah, I thought so. As for how they expect the Northwestern game to go...

DR: Northwestern 38, SU 24

Neither team will play great defense, but the Wildcats have a potentially explosive offense and will rough up the Orange in the opener, setting the stage for another rough SU season.

DW: Northwestern 50, SU 35

The Mitch Browning offense offers promise. The Greg Robinson defense is young, inexperienced and not very good.

BP: Northwestern 27, SU 13

The Orange can only hope that Julia Louis-Dreyfus (i.e., Elaine), who learned how to dance at Northwestern, has taught the Wildcats how to tackle.

I think Bud just won $20 in his "work Julia Louis-Dreyfus into your Syracuse football preview" bet.

Get to reading, will ya?