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Syracuse Tailgating Just Got A Little Lunchier

The great fear of the Syracuse tailgating masses (all 147 of you) was that most if not all our home games would be nooners and they'd be destined to a season of scraping egg yolk off of their grills rather than meat gristle. Cooler heads seem to have prevailed and Syracuse tailgaters everywhere rejoice.

The Akron and Northeastern games have officially been slotted for 3:30pm EST. Along with the Penn State game, that means Orange fans won't have to douse themselves in cold water to get the blood flowing for a home game the 4th home game, Pittsburgh, which is sadly a nooner (full schedule here).

I have to admit, I was a little shocked to hear Northeastern was not a nooner. My guess is that the game is so untelevisable (word?), even Pam Ward turned it down.

Who does this help the most? Me, of course. Do you have any idea how depressing it is to wake up on a Saturday at 8:30am local time for the sole purpose of watching Syracuse football? Clearly, the West Coast Orange fans have a voice and we have been heard. Good work, "Best" Coasters.

There's still hope for the Louisville and UConn games, but not much. My advice to you, faithful tailgater...stock up on the EggBeaters. It'll save space in your SU tote bag AND it's better for your heart than those cholesterol-soaked eggs. You'll thank me in 25 years.

And of course, no SU tailgate discussion is complete without linking to A Fine Mess, your source for all-things SU tailgatery.

Plus, you know, this is slightly more tolerable at 2pm than at, say, 10am: