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Syracuse: New England's Team

Yes, I'm still playing NCAA Football '08. Sorry. I'm actually in the middle of a season with SU (7-0). I'm ranked #20 and I just beat #9 Rutgers 35-27 after trailing 27-14 at the half. I did this despite throwing four interceptions in the first half because the game was on the hard level and everything that can go wrong in the first half certainly did. I actually did a fist-pump after the game ended.

I lead a charmed life.

Anyway, had I been playing NCAA Football '09, I might actually be learning a thing or two. Like, say, that Syracuse, NY exists within the boundaries of New England. Just ask Colin W. who sent me the following...
So I'm playing NCAA last night and when the announcers do their intro to the game one states "Welcome to the Carrier Dome the largest domed stadium in New England." Perhaps the fact that some people think Syracuse is located in New England is attributing to our inability to build a recruiting "wall" around New York State.
See, we're so busy worrying about New York and New Jersey that we're missing our God-given right to that rich crop of football behemoths springing forth from Maine's fertile gridirons.

Maine is still a state, right?