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Syracuse Media Day, Now In Video Form

The Axeman said there would be video of Media Day and by God there is a video of Media Day. Head on over to his blog and feast your eyes on the sights and sounds (can you feast your eyes on sounds?) of the extravaganza. My favorite video has to be this one:

Anyone Read Lips?

What do you think they're discussing? I'm gonna go with salsa recipes.

Thank God Axe got this video of the team photo. It adds so much 3-D texture to a photo image of the same thing:

Say Cheese

And have you ever said to yourself, "You know, sports journalist seems like a glamourous position, I wish I had pursued that in college instead of this worthless art history degree?" Well...not so much:

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Also be sure to check out his interviews with Delone Carter, Lavar "WSJ" Lobdell, Jonathan Meldrum, Mike Holmes and one of our 47 running backs, Averin Collier:

Averin Collier