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Syracuse Gives Good Helmet

It's always fun to see Syracuse mentioned on Deadspin (via Axeman). Of course, you should always be careful what you wish for...
When the biggest news out of Syracuse Football Media Day is the newly-designed uniforms, you know it's going to be a long season.
Our old friend Matt Gelb, formerly on the D.O. and now writing over at the Sporting News, takes a very in-depth look at SU's new uniforms. And we finally get a look at those new helmets as well.

The block S never looked better and the helmet really looks nice against the blue unis, even if Illinois will be sending us a cease and desist any day now. But it really pops against the white jerseys...amazing what a little white shadow will do for you. Of course, it doesn't really mesh well with the practice orange unis, which is
a lesson we've all learned very well.

And of course the NY Sticker is back as well. God forbid...

Check out some more photos of the new helmets and the players within them here.

(Photo Credit: SUAthletics)