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Syracuse #1 In The Hearts & Minds Of The Milwaukee Hilton Staff

I'll let Becky, who was kind enough to send this along, set it up:
I traveled to Milwaukee over the weekend for a wedding. Actually, it was the wedding of the guy who introduced me to TNIAAM. On Sunday, we were picking up some friends from the Hilton on our way back to the airport. One of my friends was wearing a Syracuse shirt, and the doorman at the Hilton noticed. He asked me about the shirt and I mentioned we were from Syracuse. I don’t see anyone in this part of the county overly excited about the promise of the upcoming Syracuse football season, but apparently in the great state of WI there are some fans. What the guy said to me was priceless, so of course I made him say it to my camera. At least Greg Robinson has one fan who believes his preseason goal- and Jake Flaherty has a following out there too:

Bowl game. More than 10 wins. Bold predictions, my friend. Of course, he qualified it with "guaranteed...I hope," so...he's got that in his back pocket.

And Mazel Tov to the guy who introduced Becky to the site on getting married. May your first child be a Cusian child.

(Major HT: Becky)