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Set Your Gregism Phasers To Stun

This Saturday night at 8pm, WAER's SportsNight is going to be doing their SU Football Season Preview. Among the guests will be Embattled©

SU Head Coach Greg Robinson. They've provided a little taste of what's in store and it's good listening as host Danny Parkins tries to get the gritty truth out of Greggers on how he really feels about being in a win-or-else situation.

"I don't know what wins and losses is..."

We know.

Check out SportsNight Saturday at 8pm on 88.3FM in Syracuse or listen online.

Update: The Axeman has posted the transcript of the rest of the interview. Oh my...

Danny Parkins:"Fair enough". Now, we have another minute with Coach Greg Robinson here on "Sportsnight". Coach, just some quick hitters to end. You finish my sentence for me.

"Fans are going to be most impressed this year by...what?"

Greg Robinson:"Well, I'm going to let you finish that. I'm are trying to get me to make predictions. You are just going to like the way this football team plays hard and plays smart."

Danny Parkins"Ok, well can you just finish this one? A breakout player for this team is going to be who?"

Greg Robinson"No, I don't know that."

Danny Parkins:: "Ok"

Greg Robinson"I don't know. Time will tell."

Danny Parkins:"Coach, you are kind of dodging me here..."

Greg Robinson (jumping in) "No, I' not dodging you. I just don't make predictions."