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Sales Growth

The SU football team is going radio silent through the weekend so Donnie Webb's practice recap from yesterday is the last one you'll see. Read it and read it well.

The long and short of it is that most positions are still battling, many fresh faces are making their presence felt and the Orange still have a lot of decisions to make before August 30th. One decision that seems to be getting easier is the depth chart over at wide receiver.

It's pretty much a given that Lavar Lobdell, Bruce Williams and Donte Davis are going to be the "big three." But SU fans remember hearing a lot about Marcus Sales, the #1 high school receiver in NY last year. And they're about to hear a lot more about him:
Marcus Sales of Christian Brothers Academy is pushing his way into the rotation group at wide receiver for the Syracuse University football team. The true freshman is emerging as the top newcomer in a group anchored by CBA graduates Lavar Lobdell and Bruce Williams...

Robinson said Sales has learned college football work habits, something that wasn't apparent early in training camp. Assistant Chris White coaches the receivers and has been tough on Sales, who has gotten the message about how he's expected to practice.

"He's developing into a good player," White said. "He's got things to work on. When and how and how much, that all depends on the next couple of weeks. He certainly has enough ability."
Sales is certainly setting the bar high for himself, wearing #5. It was his jersey in high school but he understands that, without #44 on the active roster, #5 is the most famous SU jersey number around. Just ask former #5's Donovan McNabb and Marvin Graves.
"It was just a tradition," Sales said. "I had since I was in Pop Warner and CBA. I just felt like I wanted to get it when I came here. Donovan McNabb is one of my favorite players. I used to watch him when I was growing up. It's a lot of pressure. I'm just trying to live up to the pressure. I like the pressure on me. It makes me play better."
"I used to watch him when I was growing up."
Jesus, I feel old.