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The Revolution Will Be Blogged

Danny Parkins and Sal Maneen of WAER's SportsNight were kind enough to have me on the program this past Saturday. The topic...sports blogs. The question...are they the destroyer and usurper of sports journalism and print media, the logical next step in the sports discussion evolution or the unfortunate afterbirth of the Internet's existence? I don't think it's put quite like that but it's a noteworthy discussion and a question worth asking nonetheless.

The guys also speak with Brent Axe about the difference between what he does and what independent bloggers like myself do and where we all go from here. You can listen or download from the link below (I recommend downloading):

You can catch SportsNight live on Saturday nights at 8:00pm EST at 88.3 FM on your radio dial if you're in Cuse and via your computer if not. Be sure to do so this Saturday when they'll be doing their annual SU Football Season Preview, complete with player and coach interviews, including a certain Mr. Greg Robinson.