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Practice? We're Talkin' Bout Practice?

The linebacker corp got some much needed good news yesterday when OLB Mike Mele strapped on a helmet for the first time and OLB Chad Battles did some athletic work. Both should rejoin practice at full-speed very soon to help put that unit in order. Greg Robinson agrees...
"Much better," Robinson said. "They've got all the inflammation out of there. I think we'll get [Chad] back tomorrow. That'll be good to get those two guys (Mele and Battles) back because, really, it's been hard on the other guys. That's what happens. It's really all about survival of the fittest. It'd be nice to be back at full strength there."
Was Greg a science major? He loves osmosis and now he's all about Darwinian Theory. I can't wait until he likens the choosing of the starters to the Grand Unification Theory. "I believe that at extremely high energies, the electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces are fused into a single unified football team. I really do."

Greg also took the time to single out CB Mike Holmes, our new savior, for his play in practice.
"Michael Holmes made a couple of plays today," Robinson said. "Really, I'm going to tell you this - he's had two good days. That's three practices. I've really felt like he took his game to another level here in the last couple of days. Early, I thought he was kind of feeling his way a little bit. He's doing a better job."
What, no flash? You're slippin', Coach.

Over on the offensive side of the ball, excuse me if I feel like the Syracuse coaches are
giving the O-line some seriously mixed signals:
"There's steaks on the table," [Offensive Line Coach Chris Wiesehan] of the Syracuse University football team said, referring to starting jobs. "Whoever wants them can grab them."
You know, you spend all season starving these kids and telling them they're fat. Now you want them to fight to the death over some fat-dripping NY Strips that are high in cholesterol and salt? Mean, guys...just mean.

I did like this nugget from the article though:
Robinson said that when he arrived three years ago he identified the line as the weakest part of the team and made it a focal point of his staff's recruiting effort.
If O-line has been his focal point this entire time, I don't want to know which positions he's been ignoring...

While we're on practice, make sure you take a moment to
learn a little more about Max Suter. Most notable is his thoughts on the possibility of SU baseball:
If we had a baseball team, I'd dominate at that.
Humble schmumble, someone get this man some stirrups and pinstripes and let's do this.