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Practice, Now In Video Form

If you saw a man on the street doing what SU punter Rob Long is doing in this video, would you:

A) Keep walking and pray to God he didn't look at you
B) Call the authorities
C) Walk over to him and say "Just kick the friggin' thing already, will ya?"

SU Football Practice Footage 1

If you have a craving for tackling drills videos or if you have an insatiable hatred for blue pads and you want to see their comeuppance, then head on over to The Axeman's blog to see some more video from a recent SU practice. It's like you're actually there...and want to leave after five minutes.

Axe, who someone was insane enough to trust with expensive camera equipment, also cornered a couple Cuse players and coaches outside Manley for some quick hit interviews. He speaks with "wide receiver" Bruce Williams, LB Coach Dan Conley and OL Coach Chris Wiesehan. Check out Axe's interview with Wiesehan below, but make sure to stick around until the end where this newfangled technology gets the better of him.

Chris Wiesehan Interview

And just to cover all our Brent Axe-related bases, he recently spoke with Buccaneers player and former Orangeman Tanard Jackson on his radio show. Have a listen why don't you...