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Pennies From Heaven

TNIAAM's favorite living person and host of Kenny's 2 Pennies, Kenny Haas, is back. You may remember Kenny from his ground-breaking State of Syracuse Football video but it seems that it was just the tip of the iceberg.

Kenny has his own site now, where you can see all of his videos AND let Kenny know what topics you'd like to see him break down K2P-style in future episodes. So if you've got a burning question about Syracuse football or favorite Seneca Falls-area restaurant to plug, let it be known.

Kenny's swath is wide and it it catch-all. Take this week's video, for instance. Kenny ruminates on Garfield ("Garfield, get a life!"), Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Red's Restaurant, Benny Hill, The NY State Fair, Usain Bolt ("Get yourself straightened around...island boy"), Eliot Spitzer and whatever the hell it is that's going on outside his window.

He does find a little time to talk about the SU backfield situation. Maybe this will finally be the motivation Delone "Oh, My Hip's Achin'" Carter needs to reclaim his starting job.

Oh and if you happen to run into Averin Collier's brother Kevin, make sure he steers clear of Seneca Falls. Trust me on this.