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Orangizing The NFL

Hey, we're not the #8 Football Factory for nothing...let's see how our recently-departed Orange are faring in preseason camp:

Things are looking very up for Taj Smith in Packers camp. Just take a gander at
this quote from the Green Bay Press Gazette Packers Insider:
The preseason hasn’t started, and the Packers might keep only five receivers. But if they had to pick a sixth based solely on training camp to date, the nod would have to go to undrafted rookie Taj Smith, who has had a couple of bad drops in camp but otherwise has shown superior quickness and awareness to the similarly sized (6-foot) Swain.
Giggity. Jameel McClain continues to do good things in Ravens camp. He recovered a fumble in the team's win over the Patriots. Despite the fact that room is limited for Baltimore at linebacker, they may have no choice but to keep McClain handy.

Joe Fields
caught an interception in the Panthers' win over the Colts.

Dowayne Davis
gets a nice rundown in this article on the Fort-Worth Star Telegram:
Davis’ best chance to make the team early will be on special teams. He has plenty of coverage speed.

"He plays tough coverage and he can be a dime defensive back," Cowboys defensive coordinator Brian Stewart said. "He’s pretty athletic. He’s got a real shot."
Donnie Webb has a rundown of some other Orangemen in the NFL, many of whom seem to have been bitten by the injury bug. And we can't leave without mentioning the curious case of former Orangeman Anthony Smith in Pittsburgh...or should I say soon to be somewhere other than Pittsburgh.
Smith will be 25 years old on Sept. 20, but continues to back pedal from maturity faster than if he's covering Terrell Owens.

(AP Photo/Mike Roemer)