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The Orange Preservation Society Begins

You may have heard about this new rage sweeping the Internets and fantasy sports. Fantasy College Football. It's something I've wanted to get involved with for a long time now and thanks to CBS Sports I can finally find out how many fantasy point the Syracuse offense is worth on a given week (hint: not much).

The rules were simple. As much as I wanted to do Big East-only, it just didn't make sense, especially with a 10-team league. Cam Dantley is not an appropriate starting QB for someone. So, considering the Orange play two Big Ten teams (Northwestern, Penn State) and an Independent (Notre Dame), we opened up the pool to those players as well.

I decided if I was gonna do this, best to do it with some like-minded individuals. So I organized a little league with some of the best and brightest of the Syracuse blogging community. I give you the members of the Orange Preservation Society and their team names...

Sean , TNIAMM - "The Want To's"
Matt, State of the Orange - "Orange Express"
Danny, The Sport Hump - "Humping Earl Weaver"
Syracusan, Cuse Country - "Anterior Cruiciate Ligaments"
Nick, Nick's 2 Cents - "McNabb to Brominski"
A.E.M., The Orange Squeeze - "Upstate TarHeelz"
Matt, HoyaSuxa - "Delone Carter is a Great Human"
Brian, Orange44 - "Losing - Drinking Bleach"
Howie, Sports Night With Howie Mansfield - "Niagara Rapids"
Brent, The Axeman - "Sudden Impact"

The autodraft was last night and I won't bore you with the details, but just with the current placement of Syracuse players. I don't know why but I made sure there were plenty of SU players ranked high in my rankings. I'm a masochist, what can I say. And now I'm paying for it.

I have Andrew Robinson, Curtis Brinkley, Lavar Lobdell and Patrick Shadle. Delone Carter is a Great Human has TE Mike Owen but oddly enough not Delone Carter (we'll get to that). Orange Express, in one of the great tragedies of the draft, has Mike Williams. Either Matt didn't do a good pre-rank or he's REALLY holding out hope.

So of all of those teams, those are the only SU players drafted. Delone Carter, Doug Hogue, Donte Davis, Bruce Williams and the Syracuse Defense remain "walk-ons" or undrafted at the moment. That will likely change soon but suffice to say I'm really the only person who has decided to put his faith in the Syracuse offense to save his season. God help me...

I'll keep you posted on the development of the league, who's winning, who's horrible and who gave up after week 1. I look forward to my rapid descent to the bottom of the league I helped create. I guess I'll finally know how St. John's basketball feels.