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One Wright Makes A Wrong

Josh Wright, I thought we had an understanding. You were leaving the SU basketball team and the only time we'd hear about you again is when you joined up with another school and/or started playing semi-pro basketball.

This was not part of the deal:
"Former Syracuse University basketball player Josh Wright is due in court later this month to answer a charge of fourth degree grand larceny. Wright was arrested on August 1st after police say he stole a credit card from a vehicle on the Thruway in the Town of Westmoreland last June."
Of all things, you pull a Gottlieb? The Utica Observer-Dispatch fills in the gaps a little more:
A former Proctor Senior High School and Syracuse University basketball player has been charged with stealing a credit card from a woman who gave him a car ride, according to state police.

Joshua Wright, 22, stole the woman’s credit card from her purse after he was dropped off in Westmoreland, police said.
While we wish Josh the best and hope this is a wake-up call to turn his life around, it's also a signpost to SU fans that the whole Josh Wright saga played out exactly as it should have.

Wright actually was (or is) playing in Utica's
King of Kings League but it doesn't exactly look like his team was a playoff contender anyway.

(Update: According to's Pedro Ramirez III, "The charge was for a payment to a cellular phone bill. That information helped lead investigators to Wright, who admitted taking the card on June 24 when the victim's purse was knocked over, causing the card to fall out." That's right, Josh used the stolen credit card to pay for his cell phone bill...which has his name and address on it. Oy.)