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Olympics Schmolympics

Apparently, I'm the oddball. The 2008 Olympics were the most watched "event" in US television history and I didn't watch a second of it. Not the opening ceremony, nary a Michael Phelps race and not even one second of men's basketball. Does that make me less of a real sports fan or mean that I only care about sports that I have an emotional attachment to? Or neither?

I just found it hard to get excited about sporting events that I don't give a shit about any other day of the year. I mean, I don't even care about Syracuse track & field, and if there's any track & field I'm gonna care about, that would be it.

I've already heard one person in my office say, "You know, I'm gonna try to keep watching swimming even though the Olympics are over." You, ma'am, are a dirty liar. You know why that won't happen? Cause this weekend you'll turn on your TV and try to find a swim meet anywhere on your 800-station cable system and you won't be able to. Cause it's only been a week and no one cares again. And now, neither will you.

Also, if you'll allow me to get on my high-horse, I think most everyone involved with the Chinese government is among the lowest scum among the human population today. And the way that the world, and America, appeased them and looked the other way during the Olympics so that Nike and Vitamin Water could run their marketing campaigns smoothly was pretty gross. And I kinda felt like if I sat back and watched the games without reservation, I was a part of that.

Anyway, I kept a side-of-my-eye view on the Nike Men's Basketball team and their re-ascenion to the top of the world. I stood in awe of a storyline at somehow turned a team that consisted of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony into an underdog of sorts and watched them right the world order and make everything okay for America and Nike's bottom line. At least until we finish fourth in the next Olympics...

But it is worth noting that this was an especially redemptive and special time for Carmelo Anthony, the poster child for the "Redeem Team." I like to think that at the end of it all, Carmelo approached Jim Boeheim the way Chas Tenebaum approached his Dad and said, "I've had a rough year, Dad." And then Jim replied "I know you have, Chassie." And then it got weird cause, well, who the hell is Chassie?

But it certainly seems like all the stars are aligning for Carmelo to right the ship and move forward. Then again, don't tell that to one commenter on the aforementioned "poster child" article:
Carmelo Anthony is the poster child for the 'Redeem Team'? Nice, using someone with a criminal record as the poster child, very this country has gone wrong.....
Call me crazy but using a guy with a criminal record who is attempting to turn his life around as the poster child for a group called the "Redeem Team" is pretty much the very definition thereof. Or are you using the "only people who don't actually have any redemptive needs are worthy of redemption" corallary?

The other thing I learned from the Olympics?
Jim Boeheim has some serious family issues to sort out at home. He's got a daughter haggling over the price of trinkets in preparation for life of hoarding and shady price fixing scandals, one son shaking down old men in back-door poker games and a first-class wife flying coach with the unwashed masses instead of the private jet, Juli Force One, she so rightly deserves.

But the maids did make his bed for him. Which was amazing.