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The Old Credit Card Dipsy-Do Switcharoo

Some more details today on the Josh Wright Credit Card Fiasco of 2008. Seems that either Josh REALLY doesn't look at the contents of his wallet very closely or he's a fairly shady dude:
According to New York State Thruway Police, they initially received a complaint June 25 when Wright’s friend reported her credit card stolen.

The woman had picked Wright up at the Syracuse Airport and was giving him a ride home on the Thruway when her purse was knocked over in the car, police said. Wright then picked up the spilled contents and put them back in the purse, she told police.

Once police questioned Wright about the woman’s missing credit card, Wright acknowledged that he "inadvertently" mixed the card among his own possessions while gathering the purse’s contents, police said.

Wright also acknowledged using the card while attempting to pay a bill, police said. Wright, however, did not know the whereabouts of the card since, police said.
Happen all the time to me. I call up my gas company to pay my bill, blindly whip out a credit card from my wallet, any credit card'll do, and I just look directly at the credit card numbers and not the name on the card or the bank that issued it which therefore might identify to me that this isn't actually my card. Then I pay the bill and haphazardly throw the credit card over my shoulder where it lands in a crevice or underneath some furniture. This way it's like a fun game next time I need to pay a bill before my utilities get cut off. So I get where Josh is coming from...

But that's not even the silliest part of the article. This is...
Wright went on to Syracuse University, where he was the starting point guard most of the 2006-07 season. Near the end of that season, however, Wright got hurt or sick and lost the spot.

Wright claimed he was hurt near the start of last season, but then came back for a few games before leaving the team altogether. He since has been playing basketball locally and currently is playing in the King of Kings League.
That's right, the only reason Josh Wright didn't play out his scholarship for the Orange was because he was hurt. Yep. Jonny Flynn and Donte Greene would have been on the pine all last season otherwise...

It actually says a lot that even the writer isn't exactly sure why Wright missed all those games. At this point, I don't think anyone is.