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Mornhinweg Sounds Like Something Gross In Your Ear When You Wake Up

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Am I reading this right?
If Syracuse ends up changing coaches, I’m told former Orange quarterback Donovan McNabb will play a big role in the selection process.

There seems to be no doubt that if Syracuse parts ways with coach Greg Robinson, the school will pick a coach with an offensive background. Figuring that, expect McNabb to make a push for Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.
Um, thanks Donny, but, um, we're gonna look around first if that's okay by you. My guess is that Donovan will indeed get to include his input in the process and, assuming we have anyone with any semblance of brains running the show, that input will be just a small piece of the overall puzzle that will be our coaching search.*

*Assuming we need one...coughcough...

If Greg Robinson shuffles loose the coaching coil, what are our priorities (imo)?

1. A master recruiter

2. An offensive guru

3. One of our guys

Sure, Mornhinweg certainly has the offensive acumen, but as far as recruiting savvy goes...
Mornhinweg, 46, last coached in the college ranks with Division I-AA Northern Arizona in 1994...
Sorry, we're putting a moratorium on coaches who have proven themselves good at coordinating one side of the football but not much else. We need a hungry, young coach steeped in the college game who is looking to make his mark and will recruit to the ends of the Earth to make it happen. We need to be looking for the next Urban Meyer, not for the next NFL coordinator who never got a shot in the pros (or did and failed miserably). And we certainly don't need a head coach who would do something like this. Something tells me we already have one...

Thank you again, Dononvan, we value you're input. But, no.