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Meet My New Favorite Living Person

Cuse Nation, meet Kenny Haas of Kenny, who is the love child of Kige Ramsey and Dwight K. Schrute, is an avid Syracuse fan and he'd like to share his 2 pennies with you, if you don't mind. And you really shouldn't.

Come for Kenny's thoughts on the Cuse's fall from grace, "DA" Daryl Gross and their prospects for the upcoming season. But stay to find out whether or not the guy sitting behind him ever finishes that Diet Coke:

Siddown, Son! Really, I have only one criticism. Orange T-shirt with green pants? No, Kenny. No.

We can only pray that this is going to be an on-going series. Kenny's thoughts on the Olympics are up over on that website (if you can tell me what it's for, you win a prize) but I'm going to leave you with his comedic musings on the Lone Ranger whilst wearing a hardhat. Have at it: