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Let The Scheduling Begin

No time like the present to start locking in those dates for Syracuse's much-maligned non-conference basketball schedule. A couple dates have trickled in over the last day with more to come.

First up, the return match with Virginia, whom we beat 70-68 last season. The
rematch at the Dome is set for Friday, Nov. 28 at 7 pm. The Cavs finished 17-16 last season and found themselves in the other other post-season tournament, the College Basketball Invitational.

You may remember the Cavs leaned heavily on Sean Singletary but he's gone now. Virginia recently
dismissed Laurynas Mikalauskas from the program because he did not live "up to the standards set by the program." You went 17-16, how high can the standards be?

The Orange also
set a date for bitter rival Oakland to visit the Dome on Friday, November 21, at 7pm. The rivalry between the two schools will reach a fever pitch this year when they meet for the first time ever. The Grizzlies were 17-14 last season and finished third in the Summit Conference.