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Lavar Lobdell Possibly Excited About Starting, Depending On Who You Talk To

It's Lavar Lobdell's world, we're just living in it. If he's not being featured in the Wall Street Journal or being nominated for awards, he's stepping up to be the #1 receiver for the Syracuse Orange this season. That's a lot of responsibility. A lot of pressure. If you ask Lavar though, he'll tell you that it's no big deal:
"That's what the media's been gearing towards," Lobdell said. "But I don't really look at it like that. I just look at it like it's another opportunity for me to contribute in a better light than before, and in a more significant role. And just help out my teammates."
A classy, well-thought out answer. Sounds like Lavar is staying even-keeled and just keeping his head down through the whole process. That said, he probably should have let fellow wide receiver Bruce Williams know he was playing the humble card:
"He's so hyped and excited to actually have this opportunity to be the No. 1 receiver," Williams said. "He tells me every day, he wants this No. 1 role. He's just waiting for his opportunity to come and take it."
Oops. I like that answer better anyway. I look around at a pool of untested, unproven wide receivers and I want to see someone fired up and demanding the ball. And according to the article, Lobdell has been hard at work making sure that's the case:
He dedicated himself to the weight room. He spent hours on the JUGS machine this summer. Williams said he and Lobdell reverted to their former CBA catching drills in order to improve.
I have absolutely no idea what a JUGS machine is, but I just really hope Lavar wiped up after he was done using it.

Bruce Williams isn't the only WR who sees Lobdell's determination, Marcus Sales also notes that he thinks getting the starting position "means a lot to him." Marcus also mentions that Lavar is doing his best to disregard the opinions of others, especially those on the Intertubes:
"He's not really worried about all these blogs are saying about him."