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Lavar Lobdell Is Back. Apparently.

The Daily Orange spoke to Lavar Lobdell today, and as we're quickly learning, good things happen when anyone talks to Lavar Lobdell.
Lavar Lobdell has a message for everyone who has been waiting two years to see the highly touted wide receiver live up to his hype and expectations.

"I'm back, that's all I have to say," Lobdell said. "My real fans know what that means. Tune in Aug. 30. Just tune in Aug. 30."
First of all...Awesome.

Second of all...Thank God my Lavar Lobdell Appreciation Fan Club on Facebook is finally paying dividends!

Lavar's back? When was he front?

And Lavar has fans? Besides his parents? And he has so many fans that there are factions therein...real ones who have stuck by him through it all and fake ones who hate him for selling out? Is he an underground sensation that I just didn't know about until now that he's gone mainstream? Is he the Fugazi of Syracuse wide receivers???

Maybe I'm not seeing the reality of the situation here. Lavar Lobdell has harnessed the power of time travel, he has seen his 187 yard, 3 TD performance on Saturday against Northwestern and he has returned to us here in the ye olden days of the middle of the week, a strange world where people have to go to work and gas is $3.89 a gallon instead of $3.87, and he has come to warn us all of the great apocalypse that he shall reign down upon the Wildcats and let all those who do not fall to their knees and worship his greatest be cast out into the pit of hellfire and brimstone where they shall suffer a thousand deaths for all eternity.

Or maybe he's just really confident. Could go either way...

Not sharing his confidence? Syracuse wide receivers coach Chris White:
"Sometimes you just have to go with what you got."
Syracuse Football 2008: Look At What We're Working With.

(Yes that's Lavar getting his Omega on...)