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Jusstify Yourself, You Wild Cat You

So...Northwestern. Who are these people?
It was established in 1851 "to serve the people of the Northwest Territory."
So I bet that answers your next question.
In 1873, the Evanston College for Ladies merged with Northwestern.
I just love that there was actually a place called a college for "ladies." Why didn't we have one of those? And where is this misguided young lass to the right supposed to learn manners and finishing skills?
"Purple became Northwestern's official school color in 1892, replacing black and gold; a university committee thought that too many other universities used those colors."
Thank God that committee wasn't around in the late 90's.
"Northwestern only has one official color, royal purple."
So take your white trim and shove it up your ass.
"Northwestern has several traditions for football games. Students perform the Wildcat Growl when opposing teams control the ball, while making "claws" with their hands."
"Also, students jingle their keys at the beginning of each kickoff, to symbolize that even if Northwestern loses on the field, graduates of other schools will park students' cars in the future."
Yeah but we'll be on the news reporting about your car when it's US!
"Students used to throw marshmallows during football games, but this unusual tradition was discontinued at the behest of former football coach Gary Barnett."
If Northwestern isn't gonna do this anymore, can we? Sounds like gun AND it makes for a nice mid-game snack.
"The Rebecca Crown Center Clock Tower glows purple (instead of its usual white) after a winning game, announcing the results to a large part of the Evanston community. The Clock Tower remains purple until a loss or the end of the sports season."
Keep the tower purple, people.
Northwestern's athletic teams are nicknamed the Wildcats. Before 1924, they were known as "The Purple" and unofficially as "The Fighting Methodists."
Having a nickname that's just a color? Lame. Oh...

Excuse me...The Fighting Methodists? I DEMAND THAT NORTHWESTERN CHANGE ITS NICKNAME BACK POST HASTE! How awesome would that be? Northwestern vs. Notre Dame would take on an entirely new epic showdown to determine the true one religion of the world...and Charlie Weis would be prominently involved.
The name Wildcats was bestowed upon the university in 1924 by Wallace Abbey, a writer for the Chicago Daily Tribune who wrote that even in a loss to the University of Chicago, "Football players had not come down from Evanston; wildcats would be a name better suited to Coach Glenn Thistlewaite's boys." The team was also referred to in the article as "a Purple wall of wildcats."The name was so popular that university board members made "Wildcats" the official nickname just months later.
I was kinda hoping there was once a wildcat loose on campus and it maimed some people...but I guess this story works.
Northwestern's fight song is "Go U Northwestern." A secondary fight song is "Rise Northwestern (Push On Song)," the final 4-measure tag (ending with a shouted "Go, 'Cats!") of which is often played after first downs.
So at least now you know what annoying phrase you'll be hearing ringing in your ear after the game... Northwestern's first season is 1876, although that's apparently up for debate.
After that, the team languished in decades of mediocrity. The team achieved notoriety with a 34-game losing streak from 1979-1982,Northwestern achieved an all-time high rank of #1 during the 1936 and 1962 seasons, which has thus far not been duplicated. Northwestern has won one bowl game, the Rose Bowl in 1949. the longest in Division I-A, now Division I FBS, college football. A win over Northern Illinois finally broke the losing streak.
Well at least that's the worst of it for them, so...wait...there's more?
Northwestern holds the all-time records for Division I-A/FBS losses, points allowed, and negative point differential (amount opponents have outscored them by). They are also on the losing end of the greatest comeback in Division 1-A history, blowing a 38-3 lead in the third quarter of a 41-38 loss to Michigan State on October 21, 2006.

SU and Northwestern have met
seven times and Syracuse leads the series 4-3. SU has also won the last four meetings after a slow start. The teams met four times between 1979 and 1984 with the Orange winning the final meeting 13-12 in Evanston.

Let's keep the streak alive, okay?

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