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Juli Boeheim: First-Class Individual, Coach Flyer

Via Three Idiots, Loren over at the basketball blog Pure Point had an interesting conversation with his sister who had just taken a trip to Vancouver. Seems she had a very special seatmate:
Sister: On the flight, we sat next to someone who said that she was the wife of the assistant coach of the Men's Basketball Team, but I don't remember the name.
Me: Well, there are a few assistant coaches. Was she Black or White?
Sister: White.
Me: Judging by the fact that she is sitting in coach class and doesn't have a direct flight to Beijing, it is probably Jim Boeheim's wife. [pulls up a picture of Boeheim and wife]
Sister: Yeah, that's right.
You know who I sit next to on flights? Grandmothers and fat guys from St. Louis. This girl doesn't know Gerry McNamara from Jerry Maguire and she gets to sit next to Juli Boeheim for five hours. No justice.

Apparently the two chatted about about a few things and while they may have discussed other topics, including Juli's
award-winning cheese dip recipe, they did discuss two notable issues:
1. The Olympic committee wouldn't pay for their flight out to Beijing, hence the sitting in coach and stopping in Vancouver. Moreover, they weren't even able to secure tickets to all the basketball games let alone the ceremonies. Can't they arrange that for them?

2. Neither they nor any members of the USA basketball team is living in the Olympic village. Instead, they are staying in a hotel in Beijing. Apparently, in all the years of Boeheim being a national team coach, they have never lived in the Olympic village.
It's not disturbing to me that the Olympic committee wouldn't pay for tickets to China for Juli and her kids. What's disturbing to me is that Jim couldn't lay down an Amex Black for a couple first-class tickets? We're paying him Greg Robinson-money, right? We're talking about the First Lady of SU Sports here, if she doesn't deserve warm lobster bisque whilst in flight, who does?

As for the hotel, they Boeheims are actually staying at the Ritz-Carlton which, we NOW know,
is a very nice place to stay. They give you food to eat and everything!