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  • Dave Rahme was at FanFest and shares his thoughts on the day...Dave Rahme
  • Which SU assistant coaches are also on the hot seat?...The Axeman
  • Get to know DE Jared Kimmel, no relation to the dining hall
  • When the Orange take the field against Northwestern, they'll have Mike Williams and Taj Smith back at receiver, apparently...ESPN
  • Another preseason poll, another last place spot for Syracuse...ESPN
  • They're staying optimistic about SU's chances in Auburn,
  • Steve Koreivo has seen every NCAA football team play, including Syracuse (who still counts)...NY Times
Good news, more interviews from Brent Axe. Bad news, he still hasn't quite figured out the whole On/Off button thing. We're pulling for you, Axe. We'll get through this together.

Axe speaks with QB and annoited savior Andrew Robinson. He even asks the TNIAAM-suggessted question, "Is there something you'd prefer we call you besides A-Rob?" Sadly, no.

Brent Axe with Andrew Robinson

And then there's this interview with Co-Defensive Coordinator Derrick Jackson, whom I now fear and respect in equal parts. He will haunt my dreams with his steely gaze for many moons.

Brent Axe with Derrick Jackson