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I've Got A Soft Verbal For You Right Here

A few weeks back, when four-star recruit Darrick Scott spurned the Orange for the Chippewas (no, it doesn't sound any better a month later), this fun little nugget came to pass:
With Scott’s departure, two-star linebacker Raheem Cardwell becomes Syracuse’s only verbal for next year. This is contrast with Big East rival Rutgers, which already 18 commitments.
Well a lot can happen in a month's time and I'm proud to say that as of today the Orange officially have three verbally-committed players ready to go in 2009. That's 300% growth people! And that's not even counting another "soft verbal," which I am shocked is not actually a phrase related to porn. So who are these lunatics future Orangemen?

Derrell Person, WR
Derrell is our lone three-star recruit (according to Scout) and he hails from Washington D.C. and is considered the 61st best wide receiver overall by Scout. He committed last Friday. Person said it has always been his dream of his to play at Syracuse so he didn't think it was worth stringing Illinois, Akron, Central Michigan (bastards) and Maryland on any longer. Syracuse coaches have apparently told him that he will play as a true freshman, which was a big part of the commitment. Depending on how things play out this season, that could end up being some significant PT.

Alec Lemon, WR
Alec is a two-star recruit from Gambrills, MD. Lemon
committed on Thursday and you can thank SU assistant coach Randy Trivers for his decision. It was apparently between SU and Delaware for his services. Lemon's only real contact with Syracuse, besides recruiting, has been his appearance at a camp on campus in July.
"I felt really good with Syracuse," Lemon said. "It's a college I can see myself at. I can play any wide receiver position out there, and it felt like a right fit for me...They said they've been wanting me ever since I left that camp," Lemon said. "I've been speaking with Coach Robinson and Coach (Randy) Trivers, and I felt real good about the place."
Raheem Cardwell, LB
Raheem, a two-star recruit from Hyattsville, MD, committed way back in July. He chose the Orange over Virginia and Virginia Tech amongst others. Cardwell has said it was the SU coaches that made him want to join as well as his appreciation for the campus. He's looking forward to the chance to be a part of SU's renaissance. Don't we all..

Leavander Jones, WR
That leaves Leavaner, who is still only listed as a soft verbal. You may remember him as the Atlantic City recruit who said he was excited to be a part of Syracuse's spread offense. He seems to be a Dan Conley project.

And there you have it. It's early yet but like the original quote says, we're still fourteen behind Rutgers. Clearly we're doing something right in the greater Maryland area, hopefully that transfers over to a couple spots closer to home as well.