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INSERT SU RUNNING BACK Is Ready To Breakout In 2008

Syracuse, NY - INSERT SU RUNNING BACK shouldn't still be doing this. INSERT SU RUNNING BACK should be the go-to running back for the Syracuse Orange this Fall. But after a INSERT DEBILITATING INJURY, INSERT SU RUNNING BACK found himself at the bottom of the pile, the lowest rung of the ladder. And only now, with INSERT OTHER THREE SU RUNNING BACKS, is he beginning to climb back up and regain his foothold on the starting job.

For a team in desperate need of a running presence, the Orange couldn't welcome back INSERT SU RUNNING BACK soon enough. And INSERT SU RUNNING BACK feels the same:

"I'm ready to play" said INSERT SU RUNNING BACK, the INSERT HEIGHT AND WEIGHT halfback who injured his INSERT BODY PART last year. "There's been a lot of talk about whether or not I'm going to be 100%. I am and I can't wait to prove it."

Team doctors have cleared INSERT SU RUNNING BACK to practice and head coach Greg Robinson announced at media day that INSERT SU RUNNING BACK is healthy and ready to play.

Running Backs Coach Randy Trivers said the return of those INSERT SU RUNNING BACK is a sign that INSERT SU RUNNING BACK is better than ever.
"INSERT SU RUNNING BACK had a tough injury," Trivers said, "and to be able to recover takes a lot of hard work and commitment. But INSERT SU RUNNING BACK isn't the only one. INSERT OTHER SU RUNNING BACK and INSERT ANOTHER SU RUNNING BACK have also been recovering and getting stronger. It's gonna be a great battle."

INSERT SU RUNNING BACK said he's capable of participating in full practice, pads and all.

"I'll do everything that everybody else is doing," said INSERT SU RUNNING BACK. "I'll do what INSERT OTHER SU RUNNING BACK and INSERT ANOTHER SU RUNNING BACK do and I'll do it just as good. Maybe better."

However the battle ends, it's just good to see INSERT SU RUNNING BACK back on the field. In one piece.

(Post-Standard writers, you're welcome)