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Images From Nike Syracuse Media Day

What were the odds that, to leads it's SU Football Media Day story, SUAthletics would use a photo of DOCTOR Daryl Gross over one containing one of the actual players on the team? Even? 1:10?

Yep, there it is. DOC Gross and Greggers talking...strategy? Oh to be a fly on the wall, er, field goal post, for that one.

Moving on to more intriguing early developments, we get out first look at the improved uniforms in a non-pixelated fashion.

First thought, was the Nike swoosh always so prominent on our jersey AND pants? I feel like it's the first thing I see now (answer: it was also orange so it didn't stand out as much). Good work Nike and DOC Gross on that...hooray for corporate synergy and signage on unpaid athletes!

Second...such a small change to make such an improvement. The numbers and stripes are so much cleaner. I'm still not a big fan of the abruptly-ending stripes on the shoulders but it's a marked improvement over last year. Can't wait to see next season's alterations!

I'm just glad everyone's having a good day. Even Greg. Greg, you're having fun, right?

Geez,'ve sure got a lot of frown-to going on there. See the rest of the gallery here.