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I Slipped And Fell And Committed Credit Card Fraud

"Nothing is going to come of it. I'm sorry that it came out this way before the facts were really told."
That's former SU guard Josh Wright, commenting on the fracas caused by his "misunderstood" usage of someone else's credit card to pay for a bill. According to this news story, the credit card was denied when "someone" tried to use it and that alerted the woman who owned it.

Wright is scheduled to appear in the town of Westmoreland court on August 27th. But more importantly, how does this affect the King of Kings League?

Wright's team, Da Bombers, is gearing up for the playoffs and they've got their hands full with
Lazarus "Don't Call Me Simms" Sims' Prestige Elite, the defending league champions.
If past is precedent, then Da Bombers should be a tough out. Da Bombers were in the finals with Prestige Elite last year and won the crown in 2006. Da Bombers feature of slew of guards that push the pace, led by former Mohawk Valley Community College point guard Ramel Lockwood. The team slid at the beginning of the season but has been red-hot lately having won four straight games, including a win over Prestige Elite.
Oh by the way, Bill Edelin is leading the league in scoring. Just sayin'...

(Photo: News 10 Now)