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Hopefully, The Last Post About This...

Following up on yesterday's post about the sexual assault allegations that reared their ugly head this weekend, I thought I'd pass along a few nuggets of info and then we can go back to the delightful process of focusing on our football team.

The Axeman talks about
"the worst kept secret in town" in his blog today and talks about the many "I heard an SU player..." stories that are out there.

Brian at Orange44
brings his legal background to the table and breaks down all that jargon from the original article in a more concise manner. Long story short, the accuser didn't want to pursue the matter, then she did, but then she didn't fully cooperate and then the matter just died in the grand jury room.

You can read the actual letter that Syracuse District Attorney William J. Fitzpatrick sent to the players exonerating them of the crimes

Finally, I'd love to tell you this story is over but the players still have to
face the university judicial process, and we all know how fun that sounds. Then again, considering how secretive that process can be, the players could eventually be punished and we might not ever even know about it. In this instance, maybe that's okay. I think we're all ready to move forward...especially Jonny, Scoop, Rick and the woman involved.