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The Height Of Greg Robinson-Hating Fashion

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The 2008 football season doesn't officially start until we have our t-shirt mantra set. You know, just like basketball has "Your Mama Is A Hoya" and "Cuse Is In The House, Oh My God, Oh My God," the football team needs a t-shirt readily available for students and fans alike that capture the essence of the times. A zeitgeisT-shirt, if you will.

And I think we just found it courtesy of the Three Idiots on Sports. As part of their new offerings, they've hit a slogan so perfect in its deprecation that I'm slightly annoyed I didn't think of it first:

You can
purchase this or one of their other items here.

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that a perfect companion piece to your "Greg Robinson Farewell Tour" T-shirt would be the Greg Robinson "I Don't Know" button. You truly can cover every inch of your body with simmering passive-aggressive hatred for all things Greggers!