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  • Greg Robinson makes it into the dictionary. Well...a certain dictionary...Urban Dictionary
  • Forget football, it's time for Big East basketball talk!...ESPN
  • "Next to being a Florida International football fan, backing the Syracuse program has to be the toughest job in Division I football these days."...FantasyCollegeBlitz
  • Pittsburgh is officially the trendy Big East pick of 2008...FanIQ
  • "Who's to say that just because a team's only capable of winning two games (like our beloved Syracuse Orange), its home field isn't intimidating? What, after all, strikes fear into the heart of the opponent like 35,000 fans with access to beer (a rarity at college venues), a squishy and smiling Orange mascot and the always-present threat of a loss of air pressure?"...Campus Clicks
In the tradition of Dramatic Hamster, I give you...Dramatic Cat:

The Dramatic Cat - Watch more free videos