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Gregisms 8/4

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

At Syracuse Media Day...
"One thing I would like to say to you is this - and I basically even talked to our team about it - this is not about me. It is not about me. This is about a team, getting ready for a football season. We're talking about this season. We're not talking about future seasons or anything like that. I would really appreciate from you (the media) to don't put the focus on something other than what I just talked about - about this team and about this season. Anything else really isn't fair to these kids. That's not why you play the game of football. You play the game of football to go out as a football team and be excited to go out and do your very best."
Wouldn't talking about things such as your employment status and the future of the program deflect attention from the players and therefore allow them to grow away from the harsh spotlight as they go through early-season struggles and learn how to play cohesively? I'm just saying...if everyone's talking about you instead of how each player is doing, then the pressure is off them in a sense.
"I think the running back situation could be as strong as it's been at Syracuse in a number of years."
A classic Gregism technique. Say something that is factually true yet has no actual value as a statement. Yes, the running back situation is as strong as it's been in a couple years, but compared to what the situation has been, it better damn well be.
"I believe this will be a very good defense. I just don't know when."
I'm just in awe sometimes. Every time I think Greg can't top himself...he comes back with something like this. Greg, you know when a good time might be...ANYTIME THIS SEASON.
We're working to be a very good defense on the 30th of August. But I know this - and it goes beyond just their mindset - this group can run.
Excellent. If every game comes down to a winner-takes-all 40-yard dash, we're unstoppable.