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Gregisms 8/25

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

Discussing the depth chart at halfback:
"I'm leery of saying, yeah, we're going to play all three because the moment we don't, you've hurt one of those (players)," Robinson said. "I don't know. I really don't know if all three will play. I know there will be two playing. I don't know who the two are. I know we're not going to go into a game and just think we're going to play one tailback. Will we play three? There's a possibility. But it isn't been determined we're going to play three tailbacks in this first game."
First of all, "it isn't been determined...?" Was there a niner in there, Tommy Boy?

Second, that is the most long-winded way I've ever seen to say "We're going to go with a two-man rotation and not with a three-man rotation but I'm being too much of a wuss, worried about hurting people's feelings, to just say that."

whether or not Averin Collier will see playing time:
Averin had flashed and he's come on later in the week this week.
Anytime Greg flashes the flash, I have to flash it here as well.

Discussing his 0-3 record in season openers:
"Did we lose our first three openers?. I really didn't think about that."
Yes. Yes you have. We have thought about it, Greg. A lot.