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Greg Robinson's Legacy "Chump"-Proof

Greg Robinson and Dave Wanndstedt will forever be intrinsically linked for the rest of their lives. Two NFL guys who took over sleeping giant Big East football programs at the same time with the intention of turning them back into national powers. Instead, both have spent the majority of their tenures fighting criticism about their team's poor play and inability to rise out of the bottom of the conference. Even with his recent contract extension, Wannstadt regularly shows up on Coaching Hot Seat lists alongside Robinson.

While Pittsburgh hasn't hit the floor quite the way Syracuse has since both coaches took over, the Panthers are still looked on as conference underachievers, stepping aside while newbies like South Florida and UConn overtook their spot at the top of the conference. When it's all said and done, many will try to compare Wannstedt and Robinson to try and figure out which one has done a worse job. While it's hard to argue with Greg's overall record, at least one intrepid Pitt fan has worked out an argument to tip the scales the other way:
"The difference is this: Wannstedt is making a mockery of a historically strong college program in spite of bringing in some top-flight players. Robinson is making a mockery of SU with a bunch of chumps. So while you can give Wannstedt credit for his recruiting, I ultimately penalize him for fooling guys into thinking they're playing for a winner, when in reality they're joining a team that would be a winner if it had a different coach. Quite ironic, isn't it?"
Feel free to use that during the next SU-Pitt game. "Yeah, well at least we don't have top flight players!" That'll show'm.